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Fortune China Unveils 2019 Fortune China 500 List , China Risun Is Selected and Ranks Fourth in ROE

Copy From:Risum Author:whzx Date:2019/7/30 8:42:56

(Hong Kong, 25 July 2019) ? China Risun Group Limited (“China Risun”, or the “Group”, stock code: 1907), a leading global integrated coke, coking chemicals and refined chemicals producer and supplier, has been included among the 2019 Fortune China 500 companies by Fortune China released on 10 July 2019. It ranks 404th among the top 500 Chinese companies with an annual income of RMB20,583 million and net profit of RMB2,089 million recorded in 2018, and climbed to fourth place on the Return on Equity (ROE) list at 45.37%. 
Founded in 1995, China Risun was listed on the Main Board of HKEX on 15 March 2019. According to Frost & Sullivan and based on the information in 2018, China Risun is the largest independent producer and supplier of coke, the largest coking crude benzene processor and the fifth-largest coal tar processor in the world, and also the largest producer of coke-oven-gas-based methanol and industrial naphthalene-based phthalic anhydride in China. 
While steadily developing various business segments, the Group has accelerated its nationwide deployment through various growth strategies, diversified industrial development and multi-region deployment strategies. In recent years, the Group has developed a vertically integrated business model, a highly efficient supply chain system integrating the sales, transportation, manufacturing and supply functions. It has also implemented a high level of automation and informatisation, environmentally-friendly technologies and facilities promising ultra-low emissions, convenient and comprehensive transportation infrastructure, superior condition of its production bases, and sophisticated quality control and management. In addition, it has deployed advanced and efficient coal blending technologies and management techniques. These measures have enabled the Group to seize the opportunities arising from industry consolidation, expand its business through marketing integration, operation management services and mergers and acquisitions, thereby enhancing its financial and asset management. Also by implementing operating strategies such as “advanced receipts” and “zero inventory”, the Group has managed to improve its profitability and capability to maintain sustainable development, maximise value for shareholders and make a greater contribution to society.  

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