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Oven no.5 of China Risun 's Hohhot Production Base Phase II

Copy From:Risum Author:whzx Date:2023/3/1 17:43:26

China Risun Group Limited (“China Risun”, or the “Group”, stock code: 1907), a leading global integrated coke, coking chemicals and refined chemicals producer and supplier and relevant operation management services provider in China, announced that the No.5 coke oven in Phase II of its Hohhot Production Base was loaded with coal on 18 February and put out coke that meets standard on 20 February, marking a successful kick off of production. Phase II of Hohhot Production Base is a three-million-tonne a year coking chemical and hydrogen production comprehensive utilization project. To date, three of the four coke ovens, with annual output capacity of 2.25 million tonnes in all, in Phase II of the project are in operation, indicative of the project achieving critical progress and results.

Together with the No. 5 coke oven now in operation, production capacity of the operating coke production plants at the Hohhot Production Base has reached 3.15 million tonnes/year, and the operating methanol production plant puts out 100,000 tonnes/year. And, Phase II of the production base has been named a key project for three consecutive years in the work report of the Hohhot Municipal People's Government. It is a major project in the modern industrial cluster being built in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and Hohhot City. Its downstream finer chemical project is also on the 2022 list of key economic cooperation projects of the Autonomous Region. With the coal chemical industry and its related downstream finer chemical industrial endeavors as source, the project focuses on developing large-scale modern coal chemical undertakings related to such as new energy, new materials, and excess heat and pressure recycling. When the project is completed and in full operation, it will afford an annual output of three million tonnes of coke, 300,000 tonnes of synthetic ammonia, 480 million m3 of hydrogen, 140,000 tonnes of tar and 47,000 tonnes of crude benzene.

In Phase II of the project, the Group has, for the first time, adopted the German ThyssenKrupp 6.78m tamping coke oven technology, the most advanced in the world, enabling it to achieve in-check but unmanned operations, as well as automated basement inspections and automatic coke oven heating and temperature measurement. Boasting a complete industrial chain, the Phase II project can turn out more than 40 products and has achieved connection of pipelines of the different coking and chemical devices, and linkup of upstream and downstream industrial chains allowing sharing of resource supply. It is an example showing what an industry-leading and technologically advanced green, smart and highly efficient circular economy and city-friendly project looks like. In the core of the city clusters around Hohhot, Baotou, Erdos and Yulin, the production base has exclusive railway lines of 26km in its plan, which when completed will markedly enhance the railway transportation and logistics capacity of the base, turning it into the logistics distribution center of the entire Tuoqing Economic Development Zone.

The Phase II project has outstanding collective advantages in aspects including new energy, new materials, hydrogen energy guarantee, industrial integration and delicacy management. It uses coke oven gas as a clean alternative energy and for producing hydrogen energy, residue heat warming and steam supply, thus qualifies as a clean energy and heat supply guarantee center in the Tuoqing Economic Development Zone and is a circular production base that affords the best synergistic development. In its plan, there is also a 300MW distributed photovoltaic power generation project, which will accommodate photovoltaic power generation, dry quenching power generation and allow complementary power supply for new material and chemical production. With that, power system operations will be more economical and flexible and it is expected to reduce carbon dioxide emission by 660,000 tonnes a year.

The project also has its eye on hydrogen energy development. To begin with, a hydrogen production plant of capacity 5,000 nm3 per hour and five four-in-one (hydrogen + electricity + oil + gas) comprehensive energy stations to be built to back development of the hydrogen power industry and to provide hydrogen power source to strategic cities, such as Hohhot, to drive green and low-carbon development in the region. Capitalizing on the advantages of Hohhot in resources and the industries she homes, downstream coking companies are encouraged to cooperate with the production base to realize industrial integration and marriage of strengths. To promote business growth, the base welcomes into it fine chemical BDO, deployment of high-end biodegradable plastic PBT/PBAT, oil-based needle coke cooperation and anode material development projects.

In the future, the No. 6 coke oven will be completed and become an important growth driver of China Risun’s core businesses and results in 2023. China Risun will push for its Hohhot Production Base to quickly meet the three-million-ton coke output and efficiency targets of Phase II of the hydrogen production comprehensive utilization project. Moreover, it will seize the opportunities arising from Inner Mongolia developing into an important energy and strategic resource base of the country to speed up high-end, intelligent, green and modern development, strengthen circular economy industry clusters, expand effective industrial investment, enhance capacity of the industry and build green parks and green factories, so that it may become a benchmark industrial park in Inner Mongolia and the country.

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The No. 5 coke oven of a three-million-ton output a year coking chemical and hydrogen production comprehensive utilization project at China Risun’s Hohhot Production Base begins operation

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