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New Phase II Construction Project with Annual Capacity of 360,000 Tonnes and Phase I Transformation Project with Annual Capacity of 200,000 Tonnes Put into Operation at Tangshan Risun's Hydrogenated Benzene Plant

Copy From:Risum Author:whzx Date:2023/5/23 13:02:31

(Hong Kong, 23 May 2023) ?China Risun Group Limited (“China Risun”, or the “Group”, stock code: 1907), a leading global integrated coke, coking chemicals and refined chemicals producer and supplier and relevant operation management services provider in China, announced that Tangshan Risun Chemicals Limited (“Tangshan Risun”), a subsidiary of China Risun, successfully commenced production at the newly built Phase II crude benzene hydrogenation refinery plant, which has an annual capacity of 360,000 tonnes, and Phase I crude benzene hydrogenation refinery plant transformation project with an annual capacity of 200,000 tonnes. Consequently, Tangshan Risun’s crude benzene processing capacity will be boosted to 560,000 tonnes per year, making it the largest crude benzene hydrogenation refinery unit project in China, with obvious scale advantages and significant comprehensive benefits. Moreover, it will further consolidate and strengthen China Risun’s industry leadership as the world's largest coking crude benzene processor, giving it a greater voice and enhanced competitiveness in the hydrogenated benzene market.

The new hydrogenated benzene plant Phase II construction project and Phase I transformation project have capitalized on China Risun's strengths in specialized fields. The projects have adopted patented hydrogenation and low energy consumption technology, and all of the main equipment and technologies used have been self-developed and manufactured by top equipment manufacturers in China. Therefore, both the techniques and equipment are of world-class level. The projects started construction in July 2022, covering a total area of 290 acres. Construction included a pressure swing adsorption hydrogen production unit, a crude benzene hydrogenation unit, a distillation unit, an acid water stripping unit, a VOCs adsorption recovery system, a heat-conducting oil furnace system, raw material tank area, product tank area, loading and unloading station, fire-fighting system, ancillary recycling water system, machine room and power distribution room. The projects rely on Tangshan Risun’s existing benzene hydrogenation plant and public auxiliary facilities such as tank areas, air and nitrogen stations, and fire-fighting system, which can effectively reduce investment costs, improve the utilization rate of the production base and provide comprehensive support to the projects.

The project was implemented in accordance with China Risun’s benzene hydrogenation integration plan, thereby strengthening China Risun’s refined chemical industrial chain and working alongside the downstream styrene and caprolactam segments to generate synergies between the Group’s businesses. Its pure benzene is transported to Tangshan Risun’s styrene plant via pipelines and used as a raw material for production. Surplus pure benzene products are given priority to be used in the caprolactam plants at Risun’s Cangzhou Production Base and Dongming Production Base, so as to achieve optimal allocation and meet the Group’s internal demand for pure benzene. As a result, this can increase the projects’ revenue and risk resistance, while effectively supporting other related businesses of the Group to reduce costs and increase revenue.

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