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Coke Oven no. 6 at China Risun's Three-million-tonne Coking Comprehensive Utilization Project Huhhot Production Base Begins Operation

Copy From:Risum Author:whzx Date:2023/5/4 15:03:43

(Hong Kong, May 3 2023) ? China Risun Group Limited (“Risun Group” or the “Group”, stock code:1907) , a leading global integrated coke, coking chemicals and refined chemicals producer and supplier and relevant operation management services provider in China, announced today that coke oven no. 6 at its Huhhot Production Base, a coking chemical and hydrogen production comprehensive utilization project with annual output capacity reaching three million tonnes (the “Base” or the “Project”), has begun operation.

Following the no. 3, 4 and 5 coke ovens, the latest coke oven is the fourth completed and in operation on schedule, marking the Project’s three-million-tonne coking facility going into full operation. The supporting coke-oven-gas-based hydrogen production plant that can produce 300,000 tonnes of synthetic ammonia a year will also be completed and in operation in the near future, and the entire Project will close in on the finishing line.

Established in 2019, China Risun’s Huhhot Production Base was planned heeding the situations of economic, social and industrial development of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and Huhhot City, and drawing on the Group's nine core capabilities and nine major competitive edges built over the past more than two decades, plus its patents and proprietary technologies. Addressed in the Tuoqing Economic Development Zone in Inner Mongolia, the modern, smart circular economic base, which covers coal chemical, new energy and new materials, carries the mission of bolstering the coking chemical industrial chain in the region.

The Project has been named among key projects in the work report of the Huhhot Municipal Government for three consecutive years. It is crucial to promoting the quality transformation and development of the coking industry and is also a major project in the modern industrial clusters to be built in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and Huhhot City. It entails four 6.78m tamping coke ovens, and a relevant supporting coke-oven-gas-based hydrogen facility that can produce 300,000 tonnes of synthetic ammonia per year, plus other provisions including China’s largest 2×260t/h coke dry quenching ("CDQ") and 2×35MW power generation facilities.

The Project affords an annual output value as high as RMB10 billion and offers more than 2,000 direct jobs, in turn creating more than 10,000 employment opportunities in related industries. It employs the world's most advanced tkIS-6.78-I (with a 65-hole coking chamber) tamping coke oven designed by ThyssenKrupp AG from Germany, the EnviBAT single-hole coking chamber pressure regulation system and Cokemaster automation system, enabling it to achieve in-check but unmanned operations, as well as automated basement inspections and automatic coke oven heating and temperature measurement. It was built in accordance with Risun Group’s "integrated, scalable, intensive, ecological and smart” standards for production bases, and adopts the "unified planning and development, unified infrastructure, unified operation and management, unified energy management, unified logistics and transportation, unified safety and environmental protection and unified R&D innovation" management mode. Equipped with “six centers”, it has a complete industrial chain allowing it to put out more than 40 products. It has pipelines of the different coking and chemical devices all connected, upstream and downstream industrial chain all linked up, facilitating sharing of raw materials, products, technologies and common supplies, as well as integrated use of by-products/exhaust gas/waste water/waste residues/residual heat /residual energy. It is an example of an industry-leading and technologically advanced green, smart and highly efficient circular economy and city-friendly project. In the core of the city clusters around Hohhot, Baotou, Erdos and Yulin, overlooking the coal-based chemical base in Ordos on the riverside across, the Base has dedicated railway and [dual-purpose wagon tippler for open wagons and containers]. The additional exclusive coking railway line planned for the Base has been included in the "14th Five-Year Plan" of the Autonomous Region. When completed, it will markedly enhance the railway transportation and logistics capacity of the production base. Moreover, the Project has outstanding advantages in aspects including new energy, new materials, hydrogen energy guarantee and industrial integration.

After establishing presence in Huhhot in August 2019, China Risun has not only revitalized assets received and achieved the industry miracle of "signing contracts, resuming production and making profit” all in the same year, but also saw in September 2020 the Project starting operation amid adversities. A strong foundation was laid for the Huhhot Production Base to grow and make breakthroughs in annual output value. With an ever-strengthening foundation, the Group will be the first enterprise making more than RMB10 billion in revenue in the Tuoqing Economic Development Zone to help it realize the goal of developing into an industrial park that worth  more than RMB100 billion. On February 8 this year, the Huhhot Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China and the People’s Government of Huhhot Municipality named Risun China Gas Energy Limited a "Chain-leader Enterprises of Huhhot’s Six Major Industrial Clusters". On February 11, Huhhot City and China Risun reached new consensus on a conjoint project, creating a broader layout and more favorable conditions for the Huhhot Production Base to develop and China Risun to expand its businesses in Inner Mongolia.

Next, China Risun and the Huhhot Production Base will focus on ensuring the latter quickly meet the three-million-tonne coke output and hydrogen production efficiency targets, then seizing the opportunities arising from Inner Mongolia developing into an important energy and strategic resource base of the country. It will keep making deployment in Huhhot, consolidate its best resources and give full play to its advantages ? industrial, technological and in innovation ? to improve the operation and development of completed projects, vigorously push to start construction of subsequent projects as soon as possible. It will also continue to extend, supplement and strengthen its industrial chain to buttress circular economy industry clusters, as well expand effective industrial investment and enhance capacity. It will, as a leading enterprise and chain-leader enterprise helping Huhhot City develop her "Six Major Industrial Clusters", champion initiatives to draw more related upstream and downstream industries to invest in Huhhot, thereby speed up the development of modern chemical industry, scientific and technological R&D, and green energy and new materials, and ultimately make greater contribution to the transformation and upgrade and high-quality development of the economy in the region.

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